Gloria Faye Dingus Music Alliance is a non-profit dedicated to providing instruments and music instruction to children in need. Previously funded through the concerts at Drum & Strum's Listening Room, Gloria’s in Old Town Warrenton is the primary fundraising arm to the Music Alliance.

Gloria Faye Dingus Music Alliance serves the community as an entertainment center, art gallery, educational facility, events venue and community gathering place.


Our Mission

To enrich the quality of life in Fauquier County and the surrounding regions by creating an opportunity to bring world-class music to everyone.

Our Vision

To fulfill the need to develop and strengthen Old Town Warrenton’s unique area and to provide a venue for the many non-profits in the area to stage fundraising events and activities for the community.

Gloria’s invites collaboration from artists, organizations, schools and the general community to encourage the creation, joy and understanding of artistic expression.

This town, especially the children, need a performance center where people can play music, hang out and experience the arts.
— Gloria Faye Dingus, 1992